"Love & Service" Compact Disc

"Love & Service" Compact Disc

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Love & Service is the newest chapter in Brother Ali's litany of statement pieces. This one is special. The gritty yet lavish soundscape provided by unJUST is a collage of educational children’s films from the 70’s and 80’s chopped and flipped in the classic ASR-10 sampler. The warm, unquantized sound is a perfect bed for Ali’s dense and poignant musings on God, death, empire, and beauty. 

Roc Marciano, Aesop Rock, Quelle Chris, and Casual all provide incredible feature performances. 

Love & Service packs a lot into 40 minutes. It's a spectacle without any gloss. It's beautiful but asks uncomfortable questions. It incorporates a multitude of styles, but feels cohesive and organic. And while it explores the myriad ways that humans are failing one another, it lands with the affirmation that we're all worthy of love.

This CD comes housed in a 4-panel wallet and includes a download card giving you access to a 32-page digital booklet of hand-drawn art, stills from the Love & Service film, and lyrics to every song on the album.


  1. Chapter One  (feat Rakaya Esime Fetuga)
  2. Ottomans
  3. Awaken
  4. The Collapse
  5. Manik  (feat Casual and Aesop Rock) 
  6. Nom De Plume
  7. Cadillac
  8. Gauntlet  (feat Roc Marciano)
  9. Howlin' Wolf
  10. Ghosts  (feat Quelle Chris)
  11. Love & Service
  12. Worthy
  13. Inside