"Namesake" Limited-Edition Bundles
"Namesake" Limited-Edition Bundles
"Namesake" Limited-Edition Bundles
"Namesake" Limited-Edition Bundles
"Namesake" Limited-Edition Bundles
"Namesake" Limited-Edition Bundles

"Namesake" Limited-Edition Bundles

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"My name, Brother Ali, is a direct link to the original GOAT, Muhammad Ali. I’m just one of millions around the world inspired not only by his dedication to excellence in boxing, but his willingness to sacrifice success to stand for Truth and Justice in light of his faith.

When I converted to Islam as a teenager and wanted a Muslim name, someone suggested the name Ali, made famous by the Prophet Muhammad’s cousin who joined his movement in his youth and went on to lead the community. Having no idea who the original Ali was, I immediately accepted the name in honor of The Champ.

In the Muslim community everyone was addressed as Brother so-and-so or sister such-and-such as a term of both respect and endearment. When I started performing around Minneapolis and needed to choose a stage name, one of the young girls at the mosque insisted “Your name is Brother Ali and don’t let anyone call you different”.

In the 20+ years I’ve been performing professionally, I’ve paid the price for telling the Truth and witnessing to Justice as best I can. I used my late night television debut to perform "Uncle Sam Goddamn", and I've been uninvited from major industry platforms based on my messages. I’ve been arrested organizing community, my bank account was tampered with by The US Department of Homeland Security, the FBI questioned me at my home on my birthday, and I’m constantly harassed when I fly. All while never accused of a crime or advocating harm be done to anyone. This is the price of speaking Truth with a public platform.

In this time, the need and risk of speaking about Justice is as great as I can remember, so Ali’s examples remains at the forefront with industry decision-makers taking steps to sideline and silence me and anyone who speaks up."



In honor of Muhammad Ali’s birthday, we’re offering a special collection that honors his legacy and supports a good cause. 

These limited-edition boxes contain a Namesake snapback and enamel pin that flip one of The Champ’s most famous logos, along with an exclusive hand-drawn poster card featuring a quote from Brother Ali's song, “Namesake”. 

A portion of the proceeds from this collection benefit the Muhammad Ali Scholarship that empowers lifetime community workers to become accredited for their service. 

Only 100 of these boxes exist. When they’re gone, that’s it.




  • 80/20 acrylic/wool
  • Structured, six-panel, high-profile
  • Flat bill with green undervisor
  • Sewn eyelets
  • Snapback closure



  • 2" Iron alloy skeleton with polished hard enamel filling
  • Metal butterfly closure on back


Namesake Prints

  • Printed on 5" x 7" thick Mohawk Superfine® paper
  • 32 pt with black color seam
  • Uncoated and naturally textured
  • Artist logo on back of the print