"Blood On Beats" Online Workshop Series

"Blood On Beats" Online Workshop Series

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A month-long interactive workshop with Brother Ali

Dive into the world of songwriting with one of Hip Hop’s most prolific and insightful lyricists. Discover writing styles and techniques to unlock your personal experience, social observations, humor, and storytelling. Unearth your own unique voice and perspective. Embark on the spiritual journey of self-exploration and expression that connects artists and listeners on a heart level.  



  • Workshop Dates: January 7th - 28th
  • Four 2-Hour Sessions
  • Limited Registration and Small Class Sizes


You will receive:

  • 8 hours of class time with Brother Ali - including live lecture and Q&A
  • 4 Writing Prompts
  • 4 Writing Exercises
  • Research materials to broaden your knowledge of the craft
  • The opportunity to share your work and receive feedback from Brother Ali and your classmates
  • An exclusive Blood On Beats notebook, featuring instructions for Brother Ali's Hip Hop lyrics annotation method (as taught in the workshop) and an example of an annotated verse
  • One month of access to video recordings of the workshops
  • One month of access to an exclusive Slack channel

Topics include:

  • Basic song structure
  • Musical annotation of lyrics (so you'll always remember how you meant your words to land on the beat)
  • Finding and developing your unique voice and perspective
  • Overcoming Writer's Block
  • Crafting albums that stand the test of time
  • Autobiographical songwriting that isn't corny
  • Writing about others without exploiting them


  • Sessions are held on Zoom, so you’ll need a laptop or other device with a strong internet connection, working speakers, and microphone
  • Make sure to download and test the Zoom app before the first session
  • Classes will be held in the English language (ASL interpreters available, if needed)